4 ways to supercharge your marketing in 2016

2016 marketing tips for SMEs

Top level marketing tips for your 2016 plan

source: http://lifenacademicpublishing.tumblr.com/If your first couple of weeks back at work after Christmas have been a bit of a struggle, you are not alone. Believe me.

So, grab yourself a well-deserved coffee and take a few minutes to check whether you have these 4 key marketing tips in your 2016 marketing plan.

#1 Prioritise user experience in SEO

SEO in 2016 will continue to be mainly about content, keywords and backlinks but plan these activities under the umbrella of ‘making things easy’ for your web visitors. The pros know that a great user experience is the key to strong search rankings. Focus on making it easy for visitors to find your website and a joy to engage with it when they arrive.

So less this:


And more this:


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#2 Get serious about social media

Review your brand’s social media performance and root out the weaker performers. Measure ROI performance in terms of website conversions and engagement rates, rather than just followers.

Key metrics to check include:

[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]assisted social conversions[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]leads generated[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]traffic from individual social sources[/li]

#3 Add real value with content marketing 

Step your content marketing up a notch in 2016 by making it highly relevant and useful to your web visitors. Let’s not add to the ever-growing mound of badly designed infographics and sub-par whitepapers people!

Create content that inspires or solves problems; content with a purpose. 

#4 Get over PR phobia

Make 2016 the year you actually publish the latest company news on your website! Distribute press releases to celebrate successful projects, mark milestones or announce new products or services.

Make a list of media influencers and start building relationships with them. Your PR efforts will support your SEO and content marketing activities too so be brave. Not sure where to start? Check this PR package out or try to DIY with these PR tips for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

I hope these tips help you to maximise your marketing efforts. Keep on keeping on!


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http://lifenacademicpublishing.tumblr.com/ and giphy.com 

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