5 Quick Website Tips for Small Business

5 quick website tips for small business

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Is your website driving good levels of traffic and enquiries for your small business? If not, don’t panic; it could just be a case of making a few small tweaks. Here are 5 quick website tips for small business. Use them as a check list to make your website more effective and engaging.

#1 Make your website inviting for mobiles

Make sure your website looks and works well on all types of devices. Otherwise you could be turning away customers who visit your website on a mobile phone. Since Google’s Mobile Algorithm update on 21 April, this is more important than ever. Not sure where to start? Read our tips for creating appealing responsive websites >

#2 Give people a good reason to part with their email address

Every visitor to your website represents an opportunity. Make it easy for them to sign up to an email newsletter or connect with you on social media. Offer exclusive content, tips or other resources that your audience will appreciate to encourage more subscribers. List some bullet point reasons to sign up and include a quote from a happy subscriber to increase the number of signups. Check out this example from H&M:

Screenshot of email sign up form with incentive

H&M offer a prominent discount for all email subscribers


#3 Make your content stand out with engaging visuals

Include engaging images, graphics and videos on your blog or website. Content that includes engaging images and videos get more engagement and shares on social media. Here are some compelling stats related to the positive effect that images can have on content engagement and conversion rates:

Facebook Posts with photos get 53% more likes and 104% more comments

Articles and blog posts with photos get 94% more views than those without

Videos are shared 12x more than text or link only posts on Facebook

#4 Set up a blog and get writing!

Websites that are frequently updated with good content get a lot more relevant traffic than those that don’t. If the thought of blogging scares you, take five minutes to watch our quick guide to better content marketing >

#5 Make it easy for web visitors to show the love

Have you included social sharing buttons on your blog posts and on key pages of your website? If visitors enjoy your content they will be happy to share it with their own followers. Make sure they can do so with a click. Try free social sharing tools like ‘Click to Tweet‘ or Wordpress plugins like Po.st.

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