6 Social Media Content Suggestion Tools

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Last week, we found out that Buffer will be shutting down their brilliant social media content suggestion tool, starting on 1 August. This is really sad news for the startups and businesses like us who use and love this feature.

In the name of agility and of rolling with the punches, we’ve put together a list of alternative options we can all use in the hope that it will make the loss of Buffer’s content suggestion tool less of a headache for you.

Content Gems

ContentGems monitors 200,000+ curated sources of content and news. You can also add your own
custom sources if there are particular sites you draw content from on a regular basis. You can also connect your own company Twitter account or RSS feed to use as a source, which will make sharing and resharing your best content quick and easy.

Content Gems offers a one-click publishing to multiple social media channels and also has a publishing queue option which allows you to schedule your posts to be delivered throughout the day or week.

With the option to search for just two interests (topic areas), the free plan is a bit limited but it’s a great additional source of relevant content inspiration.

Content Gems Screenshot of publishing queue

Right Relevance

This tool uses your Twitter feed to guide the topics and content it recommends for you. It has a clean and easy to use interface and does a good job of keeping all the suggested articles, content streams and topics in order and easily searchable. You can search for topical articles to share or save for later. Influencers and conversations are split out into separate tabs so you can see who and what is driving engagement in your industry at a glance.

Screenshot of Right Relevance social media tool

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn’s own publishing platform is sometimes overlooked as a source of content inspiration but it’s well worth adding to your list. Content is recommended for you but you can also find engaging content grouped into ‘Channels’ or by specific influencers.

LinkedIn Pulse organises content into channels and topics


Ok, so Hootsuite is a heavyweight when it comes to social media management and scheduling but if you upgrade to the Pro Plan (6.99 per month), you’ll get access to the Suggestions feature which you can configure to your content topic requirements. Simply put in three keywords and you’ll be presented with a feed full of content suggestions, ready to be posted or scheduled with a click.

Hootsuite Social Media tool

Post Planner

A similar tool to Hootsuite but focused on Twitter and Facebook when it comes to scheduling content. Post Planner boasts it makes it easy for you to find all the content you need for social media from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your favourite blogs. The ‘re-publishing’ feature is a nifty trick that allows you to revive and repost your best performing content again and again.

Sadly, Post Planner doesn’t have a free option but even the basic option is fairly feature rich and pricing starts at just $7 a month which isn’t bad.

Post Planner social media tool features

Digitise this

Kids having fun online

Aha! Ok so this isn’t exactly a content suggestion platform (although we have been known to come up with some cracking content ideas) but it is another option if you’d like to get better results from your social media efforts. Simply outsource it to us! Digitise this offers a range of social media management services at very reasonable rates.

You can read more about Buffer’s decision to close down content suggestions over on the Buffer Blog >

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  1. Amara Heslin

    Thanks for these tools you have provided. I have actually tried Hootsuite and LinkedIn Pulse which are definitely helpful!

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