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Elizabeth is a Digital Marketing Consultant, a Chartered Marketer and the Editor of She has held key digital marketing management roles across a range of sectors including publishing, corporate hospitality, technology, SaaS and education.

Marketing tips for creative professionals #1 – Interior Designers

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Here at Digitise this. we love working with other independent business owners in the creative industries, be they co-workers or clients. Like you, we know that spreading the word about your skill and making money from it can be tough, especially when it’s just you doing all the work as well as all the marketing.

So, this is the first of a series of blog posts dedicated to helping small businesses and sole traders in the creative industries do just that. Over the next few weeks we’ll feature marketing advice specifically tailored to all the hardworking photographers, writers, interior designers, film makers, musicians and artists out there. Each piece will include information on the free digital tools available as well as offer tips to help you increase productivity, save money and raise your profile. Continue reading

How to write a great marketing brief

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The importance of a brief can’t be underestimated. It’s the document that lays out what you want to achieve as well as the document that your consultant or agency will base their budget on. Without a brief, a piece of work could turn into a nightmare project for you and your partners. Not only that, the process of writing the brief may help you to formulate a clearer idea of what’s actually required which is always good. Clarity is key!

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Be a better digital marketer

It’s now easier than ever for marketing professionals to ensure they understand (and have an opinion on) what’s happening in the wider marketing landscape. The best marketing people are the ones that actively pursue learning and development continuously. In this market, it’s every person for themselves and you really can’t rely on your employer to keep you up to date.

The good news is it doesn’t have to cost you the earth to ensure you stay on top or even ahead of the marketing game. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been doing this for years, it’s worth taking some time out to review the links below on a regular basis to help future-proof your career.
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