Increase business productivity with these top time saving tools

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Good organisation is key for any small business owner. If, like me,  your main issue is that there aren’t enough hours in the day, then these time saving online tools will help you increase business productivity.


This free time tracking software is perfect for consultants or other businesses who charge for their time. I work with different clients on a range of different types of digital projects so this tool is a bona fide godsend. Not only can I set fire to the clunky excel spreadsheet I had been using to record time spent on individual projects, this nifty tool also makes it easy to generate gorgeous, client friendly reports too. The paid option allows you to assign billable hours.


Ok so I’ve long been waxing lyrical about Buffer but it had to be on this list. It’s important we keep our social platforms fresh, engaging and full of relevant, useful content. While social media allows us to engage with new audiences and build relationships but it can be a real time suck. Buffer makes the ‘social media dance’ less time consuming / soul destroying / painful than it would otherwise be.

Bonus tip: spend the highly productive morning hours on looking after customers or on revenue generating tasks and make social media scheduling one of the last tasks of your working day.

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Email marketing has never been so quick and easy. These days, there’s little need to craft HTML emails with your bare hands or pay someone else to either.  With tools like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Emma you can pull a professional looking one together in under an hour. Sign up for the Digitise This newsletter here if you find these productivity tips useful – we pack our emails full of them.


Never cut and paste a proposal again! This is a web app that helps freelancers, consultants and boutique agencies create professional looking, customised proposals in minutes. It includes best practice tips and modern contraptions like electronic signatures which will cut down on turnaround time too.

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