Learn how to code with these 4 great resources

learn how to code with these great resources

While most of us in the marketing sphere don’t need to be code ninjas, it’s incredibly useful to know your way around a stylesheet without picking up the phone to a developer. Getting a handle on the basics will not only make you more self-sufficient in your digital endeavours, it will help you communicate your needs to the technical teams you work with every day in your business.

Here are four wonderful resources for aspiring coders that cater to a variety of learning styles, from in-person coaching to online tutorials and video courses.


Codebar’s free coding workshops easily take the top spot on my list. Run by a team of dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors, Codebar provides a collaborative space for women, LGBTQ and people who are underrepresented in the tech industry to hone their web development skills. You can work one-on-one with their excellent coaches on a variety of coding tutorials, or get help on a personal project. All workshops are catered (yes, free food!) and take place in trendy office spaces. If you live in London or Brighton, get yourself down to the next Codebar.

Code School

Code School’s friendly professors will teach you JavaScript, iOS, Ruby and more in well-produced, accessible video courses. Code School’s gamification approach sets it apart from other learning platforms – students earn badges as they complete course levels and code challenges. If you’re a gamer at heart, the competitive element is great for driving engagement and improvement (plus, you can brag about your coding skills by sharing badges on social media). It costs $29 per month to enrol as a student but they’re constantly adding to their catalogue of 40+ courses, so it’s quite good value for the money.


If you’re not into video courses, Codeacademy is a great option. It’s free and the courses are console-based, so you get a feel for actually writing code and seeing how it renders in your browser. The lessons don’t offer a lot of theory or context but if you’re looking to jump right in and get a handle on syntax, Codeacademy delivers. Get started on your lunch break with one of their bite-sized 30 minute coding projects.


Meetup is a social network that brings local people together, in person, around common interests. I’ve been going to meetups for years and can tell you it’s a great way to network and meet like-minded people that live and work in your area… and it turns out there is a huge community of people learning to code. Meetup is free to join. Just create a profile, search for a learners group local to you, and RSVP for the next event.

There has never been a better time to learn how to code, so roll up your sleeves and get started. The world of programming is a lot more accessible than it seems.

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