Marketing tips for creative professionals #3 – writers

This is the third in our series focusing on digital marketing advice for creative industry professionals, freelancers and sole traders. This week we have digital marketing tips and ideas suited to the word-smiths among you; freelance writers, self-published authors, journalists, copywriters and poets.

Get your blog on

A blog is particularly important for writers – it provides an outlet for your unique voice and a way to showcase your latest work and your brand. Make it easy for commissioning editors and media publishers to get in touch with you with a clear About or Contact section on your blog.

Blogging best practice quick tips:

Posting fresh, original content to your website or blog is key to establishing and maintaining a healthy search profile and driving relevant traffic to your work.

Vary the type of content you produce. Obviously the words will be your forte but try to mix it up by including eye catching images, visuals and even audio or video content to keep your readers coming back. Research consistently shows that content with visuals drive more engagement and shares on social media.

Plan a schedule of content and try to stick to it. It’s not a good look if visitors to your blog are greeted with a cobwebby post that’s more than one month old.

Keep a notebook to hand and jot down ideas for blog posts when they come to you.

Promote your posts by email and on social media. Ask your friends to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Choosing a blogging platform

We love Medium – this is a beautiful platform which is perfect for writers. The clean, clutter-free layout puts the content front and central.

Tumblr and WordPress are also both easy to use, excellent, free blogging platforms with engaged communities of their own. Follow other bloggers on your chosen platform and comment on posts you find interesting and engaging to increase your own visibility.

Other good options for writer portfolios include:
(The founder has also posted a great guide to Writing Portfolios here)

Great for journalists and media professionals

This also doubles up as a marketplace where writers can bid on writing projects submitted by top brands.


Publish your work as an ebook or produce whitepapers

It’s easier than ever to publish an ebook with publishing platforms like Unbound and Blurb. You can sell it or give it away for free in return for email addresses.

Team up with an illustrator or photographer and release a book together, showcasing each other’s work.

Write a series on a particular topic or release a piece of work in sections. Crowd source ideas for character names or locations if you are a fiction writer. If journalism is more your thing, run an online survey to gauge opinions on a timely topic and put the results in an exclusive article.

By producing downloadable and digestible assets like ebooks or PDF whitepapers, you are providing something of value in return for email addresses. This will also demonstrate your writing ability and expertise to the people you want to impress.

Optimise your social media presence

Refresh your Twitter bio to increase your chances of appearing in relevant searches. Include a description of the type of writer you are and of your specialities. Design an eye-catching background. Invest some time each day planning and scheduling your Tweets and connecting with PR people and other writers and artists.

Create compelling visuals to accompany your words on your social media platforms (just like with your blog above). Tools like Pinstamatic, Canva and Instagram offer free and easy ways to jazz up posts with visual quotes, stunning pictures and infographics.

Companies and organisations in need of writers often search relevant arts networks like Ideastap and trade publishers and commissioning editors search Scribd and Authonomy so consider having a presence on some of these as well as on social media.

Supplement your income and make some extra money by joining social media marketplaces like Elance, PayPerHour or Fiverr.

If you need any help formulating a digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us. Alternatively, you might find our ‘Digital Marketing Reboot‘ helpful.

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