5 alternative uses for the Yo app

A new app called Yo has stormed up the app store charts as commentators across the web scratch their heads in wonderment. For those of you who have been busy living your life, rather than reading Buzzfeed, the app allows users to send the word ‘Yo’ to contacts. That’s it.

Could this be a sardonic comment on the ubiquitousness of largely meaningless social media sharing or is the real point of the app yet to be communicated? Is it an app for people who don’t even have time to tweet any more?

Some other possibilities we thought might work:

A dedicated ordering service for YO! Sushi
Customers could send a Yo (representing a YO! Sushi voucher) to a friend as a gift.

The anti-Klout score
Connect Yo with Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc. and use it as a flag for bad taste, racist jokes or just general stupidity. People could have a Yo rating that could be used in conjunction with Klout, as a kind of ‘Klout neutraliser’. For example, Justin Beiber might have a high Klout score, but coupled with the number of ‘Yos’ his posts achieve due to stupidity or sheer pointlessness, his score would actually be closer to nil.

A Yogurt rating app
Professionals have LinkedIn, Artists have DeviantART, why can’t Yogurt lovers have a dedicated platform to discuss and rate their favourite fermented milk products?

Come to my party yo
The ability to invite friends and colleagues to events easily is the last fraying thread connecting some of us here at Digitise this. to Facebook. Could Yo soon provide us with an alternative event organiser to Facebook? Those of us suffering from Facebook fatigue would welcome this.

Bad date, save me yo.
How about an emergency SOS signal, send a “Save me, yo!” to friends nearby when you are on an internet date from hell. This option could save lives.