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6 Social Media Content Suggestion Tools

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Last week, we found out that Buffer will be shutting down their brilliant social media content suggestion tool, starting on 1 August. This is really sad news for the startups and businesses like us who use and love this feature.

In the name of agility and of rolling with the punches, we’ve put together a list of alternative options we can all use in the hope that it will make the loss of Buffer’s content suggestion tool less of a headache for you.

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10 Quick Business Blogging Tips

10 quick business blogging tips

Blogging should be a key part of your digital marketing plan. A well written blog is a destination for your target audience, it demonstrates your expertise and supports your social media and SEO performance too. So if blogging is always on your list of things to do for your business, but never quite makes it to the top – make today the day you get your blog on! Here are 10 tips to help you kick start your business blog:

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5 Quick and Easy Digital Marketing Improvements You Can Make Now

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Digital marketing “gurus” love making industry predictions. While these are often very thought provoking, they don’t lend themselves to much action. If you have done enough reading and want to get on with actually improving your digital marketing offering then get started with these five easy steps.

Each of our suggestions can be completed in less than an hour each so we recommend you tackle them first thing in the morning, cup of tea in hand, and bask in a sense of achievement for the rest of the day.

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Marketing tips for creative professionals #1 – Interior Designers

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Here at Digitise this. we love working with other independent business owners in the creative industries, be they co-workers or clients. Like you, we know that spreading the word about your skill and making money from it can be tough, especially when it’s just you doing all the work as well as all the marketing.

So, this is the first of a series of blog posts dedicated to helping small businesses and sole traders in the creative industries do just that. Over the next few weeks we’ll feature marketing advice specifically tailored to all the hardworking photographers, writers, interior designers, film makers, musicians and artists out there. Each piece will include information on the free digital tools available as well as offer tips to help you increase productivity, save money and raise your profile. Continue reading