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Best coworking space for London startups

For sole traders, start-ups and ‘homepreneurs’, permanent office and meeting room premises are often an overhead you can’t justify, especially in the early days. Finding a quiet, comfortable (and professional) coworking space to talk business with your customers or partners is key but arranging important meetings can be tricky when your office is your kitchen table or in a bag on your back.

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Marketing tips for creative professionals #1 – Interior Designers

Interior of modern, open plan loft apartment

Here at Digitise this. we love working with other independent business owners in the creative industries, be they co-workers or clients. Like you, we know that spreading the word about your skill and making money from it can be tough, especially when it’s just you doing all the work as well as all the marketing.

So, this is the first of a series of blog posts dedicated to helping small businesses and sole traders in the creative industries do just that. Over the next few weeks we’ll feature marketing advice specifically tailored to all the hardworking photographers, writers, interior designers, film makers, musicians and artists out there. Each piece will include information on the free digital tools available as well as offer tips to help you increase productivity, save money and raise your profile. Continue reading