Top 10 UK Hotel Instagram Accounts

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With companies being drawn to image-centric networks more than ever as a way to reach new, younger audiences, Instagram is the perfect place to promote your business right now.

Instagram boasts 200 million users and an average of 60 million photos being uploaded per day, it’s one of the most popular social media platforms after Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The hotel industry is particularly suited to a platform like Instagram because of its ability to offer a taste of what customers can expect before they visit. I went on a journey through Instagram to see how the hotel industry was holding up on the popular, image sharing platform. I’ve taken various metrics into account including how many people they are following, how often they post, the quality of images among others.

I started with about 20 UK Instagram hotel accounts that caught my eye and then checked out all their pictures to weed out the weaker competition. Here’s my top ten list of UK Instagram Hotel Accounts in descending order.

Number 10. The Kensington Hotel, London

(177 posts, 254 followers, 221 following)

Kensington Hotel London Instram Images

This hotel marks the first of my top ten with a decent number of posts, followers and fans. Many of their 177 posts are not of the hotel and it’s good to have a mix of content. However, The Kensington Hotel could maximise the potential of the platform by including more of what’s on offer inside the hotel as well as what is on offer in London. With a good base already, even just a few more pictures of a selection of the rooms and facilities they offer and this could be one of the better hotel Instagram accounts.

Number 9. Hotel 41, London

(22 posts, 57 followers, 17 following)

Hotel 41 Instagram account image

I really love the pictures from this hotel; they are using filters well and the composition is quite artistic. Unfortunately, they just didn’t have enough of them! Also with a low amount of followers I really couldn’t justify putting them any higher up the list. However, there is real potential here for them to post great pictures more frequently and get more followers on board.

Number 8. Brown’s Hotel, London

(39 posts, 233 followers, 188 following)

Browns hotel london instagram photo

This hotel has plenty of followers and has done a great job of returning the favour but again the variety of pictures leaves you wanting, as well as the lack of use of the many filters on offer. This is, however, an iconic hotel and I am sure that there are plenty of picturesque scenes that we are yet to see.

Number 7. Loch Ness Lodge, Drumnadrochit

(67 posts, 34 followers, 33 following)

Loch Ness Lodge, Drumnadrochit

This is one of the first hotels in the list really making the most of the filters and border designs that Instagram provides. Although most of these pictures are of the local countryside which definitely sells the prospect of going on holiday to Loch Ness, again, a few more of the hotel would be welcomed.

Number 6. Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, New Milton

(114 posts, 201 followers, 10 following)

Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa instagram account

This is where the competition gets serious. There are plenty of great shots highlighting the beauty of this hotel in the countryside. Its only let down is its failure to follow more people. With its number of posts and followers they really should be interacting with and following more users.

Number 5. Stoke Park Country Club, Spa & Hotel, Stoke Poges

(131 posts, 348 followers, 82 following)

Stoke Park Country Club Instagram image

This hotel had some of my favourite pictures out of the bunch, with arguably the best picture of all the hotels I looked at (top left). It also used the full range of Instagram filters most effectively. This is a very photogenic hotel which makes taking beautiful pictures easier and the only reason they are not ranked higher is due to the lack of photography of the inside of the hotel, which is hugely important to potential customers checking out your Instagram account.

Number 4. Coworth Park, Ascot

(219 posts, 918 followers, 298 following)

Coworth Park Hotel instagram image

It was a tough call between 4th and 5th as both hotels have quality photos of the surrounding area of the hotels. Coworth Park nabbed 4th place purely down to its stats; this account scored the highest number of followers, following and posts of the top 10 hotels.

Number 3. The Magdalen Chapter, Exeter

(305 posts, 378 followers, 180 following)

The Magdalen Chapter Images from instagram account

A great example of a well-managed, engaging hotel Instagram account; The Magdalen Chapter has some great photos making the most of the filters as well as showing plenty of the inside and outside of the hotel to give their healthy number of followers an insight into exactly what is on offer from this hotel and the surrounding area. This hotel also does a great job of updating its account with regular photos of events going on within the hotel.

Number 2. Hotel Indigo Glasgow, Glasgow

(52 posts, 99 followers, 16 following)

Hotel Indigo Glasgow instagram account

Although there are a low number of posts, followers and following they have not wasted a single image by repeating themselves and this is why they are in the top 2. Not only can potential customers see exactly what to expect from this hotel but the creativity in each of the photos shows next level commitment. Customers come along knowing they will get comfortable rooms, stylish public areas and cocktails! This hotel clearly has a well thought out strategy in place and is sure to continue to grow their followers slowly but steadily.

Number 1. Lime Wood Hotel, New Forest

(312 posts, 797 followers, 40 following)

Images from the Lime Wood Hotel instagram account

With the second highest amount of followers and the highest posts of the top 10 this hotel has it all. A great looking venue features in beautiful photos with an excellent use of the filters and a variety of different compositions. This hotel has put real effort into making the most of its Instagram account by posting pictures of its food, facilities and rooms. It also has some great pictures of the building itself and some lovely scenic shots. By consistently posting quality, engaging photos regularly, they are likely to be a familiar and enjoyable feature in followers feeds.

There are still a lot of hotels out there not using Instagram as their main social media platform. However the platform presents a viable way of checking out your holiday destination or even as a tool to choose your destination so hotels should at least include Instagram within their overall social media mix to avoid missing out. These 10 hotels provide a great example to others looking to get started.

It’s important to remember that Instagram and other social sharing platforms are perfect search platforms for event managers and other potential clients in need of venues for functions and events such as weddings, birthday parties, charity events and even business meetings too. If you’d like help building an Instagram following, check out our Quick Guide to Instagram Success here >

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