How to track media coverage of your small business


Here are our top three free ways to monitor your mentions of your brand in the media. Monitor your PR and media coverage like the pros – without breaking the bank. 

With all the hard work you’re putting into promoting your brand you’ll want to have a way to see what media coverage you’re getting as a result, as well as use this to help prove ROI on your marketing efforts. While there are plenty of well-established media monitoring tools out there to help you do this, they often come with a hefty price tag – not to mention a yearly contract.  Staying on top of your brand’s image is essential for any growing business and with that in mind, we’ve put together a few free ways to track your media mentions without putting a strain on your marketing budget.

Google Alerts

If you do nothing else on this list, sign up for Google Alerts. It’s free, it’s easy and it holds its own against some of the best enterprise-level solutions out there.

Google Alerts are a great way of keeping track of your news coverage and search presence. Simply go to the Google Alerts page, enter your company name and your e-mail address and you’ll receive a daily e-mail alert. Use the filters to choose whether to bring through all indexed content or just news pieces. You can even focus on just one region to look at how you’re being represented at a local level. Google Alerts is also an excellent tool for competitor analysis. Set up keyword alerts for specific products or services to see how your media coverage compares to other businesses in your sector.

One thing to bear in mind is that Google will be cherry picking content only from the top 10-20 articles it finds on your brand – this means you won’t see absolutely everything that’s out there. That said, Google Alerts are still a great place to get started on tracking your media coverage, and as it’s a free tool with plenty of options you really can’t go wrong!


Pickanews is a fantastic site you can use to search for any coverage you’ve picked up from print publications. Generally this is harder to track than online pieces, as they aren’t always just a Google search away. If you enter your brand name in the Pickanews search though, you can check any articles mentioning your brand in the last 2 months, and you can filter further from there. There’s even a visual breakdown so you can see any spikes in your media coverage, as well as a list of which papers have been covering you the most.

There is a premium subscription option on the site as well, but even the free version gives you visibility of who’s writing about you where, which is more than enough to start building relationships with journalists interested in your brand.


Again, another big name but with good reason. There are a lot of Social Media monitoring tools out there which require financial investment for the things Hootsuite will do either for free, or for very little a month. On top of the social media content scheduling and management aspects to the site, you can also add searches and keep on top of your brand mentions which aren’t directed at your profiles or don’t mention your hashtags. Again, this allows you to keep on top of what people are saying about you with minimal effort, and other than the time to set up an account and a search there is no investment required.

Small businesses can and should monitor social media brand mentions and PR coverage and with these tools, it’s easy and free to do so. Good luck!

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