UK marketers are struggling with content marketing

2016 UK Content Marketing Research - CMI

New research (released in December 2015) by the Content Marketing Institute suggests that UK marketers are finding content marketing a bigger challenge than ever.

What are the top five challenges for UK content marketers in the UK?Top Five Challenges for UK Content Marketers - Graph

While we are actually doing more than our US counterparts, when it comes to content marketing, it seems effectiveness has dipped substantially compared to the previous year.

CMI points to the potential lack of a roadmap as one key reason for this lack of effectiveness.

Joe Pulizzi of CMI“By doing some foundational work and making a few course adjustments, like documenting their content marketing strategy  and creating an editorial mission, many firms should find themselves taking their content to the next level in 2016,” says Joe Pulizzi, founder, Content Marketing Institute and author, Content Inc.  “Of course, results take time, so patience is important.”

Getting a coherent content marketing strategy down on paper is as important as it ever was: if you don’t have a content marketing plan yet – make it your mission for 2016!

Key Content Marketing Stats from the CMI report:

  • The use of nearly all content marketing tactics increased over last year. The greatest increase was for illustrations/photos, which jumped from 63% last year to 75% this year. Videos and infographics both increased by 10 percentage points.
  • The use of all paid methods to promote/distribute content increased over last year. The greatest increase was for promoted posts, which jumped from 34% last year to 64% this year. The effectiveness rating for promoted posts is stagnant, however (46% of those who use promoted posts say they are effective, up 2 percentage points over last year). 
  • However, their effectiveness has dipped substantially from last year: 34% said their organizations are effective at content marketing this year compared to 42% last year.
  • The use of nearly all social media platforms increased over last year. The greatest increase was for YouTube, which jumped from 68% last year to 81% this year.
  • 66% of UK marketers say they expect their organization’s content marketing budget to increase in the next 12 months.
  • When asked to identify the most important metric they use to measure content marketing effectiveness or success, 20% of UK marketers say sales and another 20% say sales lead quality.
  • The most effective UK marketers say measuring content effectiveness is their top challenge (61%), whereas the overall sample says producing engaging content is their top challenge (61%).

Which social media platforms are most effective for content marketing?

UK Marketers said Twitter was the most effective social platform for content marketing in 2015

Content Marketing in the UK 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends reports on the findings gathered from the 6th annual content marketing survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute. The report, sponsored by Lionbridge, presents findings from the 133 for-profit marketers  in the UK who responded to the survey. The survey was conducted in July and August 2015. This is the fourth year Content Marketing Institute has reported on the findings from UK marketers. Visit the CMI website for the full report.

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