What happened on the web in September?

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I’ve been on holiday for two weeks and it appears a lot has happened since I’ve been away.

While I was taking a leisurely drive along the beautiful Pacific coast, the digital marketing landscape continued to move at breakneck speed. Here’s a round up of the big developments in digital marketing in September in case you missed any of them.

Panda 4.1

Google released its latest Panda update last week which aims to identify low quality content more easily. Google themselves have said that the improved algorithm should enable ‘greater diversity of high quality small and medium sized sites ranking higher.’ Good news then!  Currently only 3-5% of sites are affected but you can take steps to ensure your site benefits rather than suffers from this latest update by posting regular, quality content to your site.


This new, ad-free, invite-only social network actually launched in March but it’s been gaining publicity in the last couple of weeks as it has pitted itself against Facebook’s dubious privacy practices and ‘real name policy’. Many are now dubbing it the ‘Anti-Facebook’.

You can read more about Ello on Mashable or request an invite to join Ello here.

There were a couple of birthdays

Can you believe that Snapchat turned three on 26th September?! It seems like only yesterday that brands were getting all in a flap about the new social media app, where content is deleted 10 seconds after its posted. Snapchat is now the third most popular social media app among 18-34 year olds, after Facebook and Instagram, according to ComScore.

Perhaps more impressively, Google turned sixteen on Saturday too.

Apple releases the iPhone 6 and it’s bendy

The iPhone 6 Plus went on sale on Friday 19 September and there have been reports, videos and a general social media furore under the hashtag #bendgate since then.

Is this a sign of more problems to come for Apple? Will the iPhone 6 need to be recalled? And most importantly, who cares?

Instagram announces ads on the way

According to a BBC report, Instagram has started including adverts within user feeds in the UK. (American users have had ads since March.) This is hardly surprising as the app needs to fund itself somehow.

Have I missed anything? Probably. Let me know, along with your thoughts on these developments, in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “What happened on the web in September?”

  1. Gill

    I have not heard of Ello and will be checking that out. Ad-free though – not sure how it continues to fund itself? Snapchat turning three is bizarre – especially since I’m their target demographic and still cannot get the hype!! Keep the blogs coming or I will miss all the new developments and I don’t even have holidays as an excuse!

    1. EMJ

      Thanks for the comment Gill, glad you enjoyed the post. I’m not sure if Ello is here to stay, but it does add fuel to the idea that many people are tired with Facebook.

  2. Az

    Wow, Snapchat turned 3, that’s just crazy but what I really can’t believe is that Google is 16. Ello seems very interesting and it’ll be good to see what sort of an uptake it has. Great blog post, keep them coming.

  3. LloydyWright

    Great round-up! I’ve just joined Ello and think it’s a fab idea. Suspect it will be very popular with niche groups of people rather than have mass appeal, but if it does gain momentum then I would question whether they really can sustain an ad free site, and make money? (Even enough just to be able to keep developing!) On that note; I had my first ad in my Instagram feed this week, Cadbury ad for Crunchie (yum). It was a cute image but I felt a little invaded! Despite Insta being public, it still feels pretty personal. Receiving something I didn’t sign up for was like ‘digital junk mail’. I hope it doesn’t ruin the experience. Insta had better ensure ads are as targeted as possible for it not to turn off users over time. Rant over! Great blog btw. Looking forward to reading more.

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